Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • Back-Up System Protection
  • Back Up Power Supply Analysis


  • 5kVA to 1000 kVA
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Repair

Experienced Professionals

  • Industry leader in managing and servicing
    uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • Protect your business from costly disruptions
  • Keep your electrical back-up systems running
    smoothly to keep your business up and running
    even when the power goes down.
  • Experienced Professionals readily available to
    be on-site quickly 24/7

World Class power conversion products

  • APC
  • Liebert
  • Mitsubishi
  • MGE
  • Powerware
  • Chloride
  • IPM
  • Best Power

Industries Served

  • Telecommunications
  • Cellular Telephone Providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Any operation requiring continuous,
    uninterrupted power

Battery Inspections

  • Load Testing
  • Replacement
  • VRLA
  • Wet Cells
  • NiCad

Modular Repair

  • Rectifiers
  • Inverters
  • Converters

Full Replacement Parts Inventory

  • Resistors
  • I/C's
  • SCR
  • IGBT
  • Capacitors

Repair Services

  • Ship your damaged units directly to our Repair
  • Each unit is thoroughly checked after repairs:
  • Alarm and Function Testing
  • Load Sharing Test
  • Calibration
  • Performance Testing
  • Current Limit Adjustment
  • Run-In Testing

Battery Inspections

  • Load Discharge Evaluation
  • Measures back-up runtime
  • Uncover bad batteries
  • Battery replacement
    - Panasonic
    - Deka
    - Enersys
    - Unigy
    - Yuasa-Exide

Detailed Final Reports

  • Alber Test Equipment
  • Reports include graphs with concise conclusion
    about test results
  • Status overview information at-a-glance for
    multiple systems available on-line through
    secure log-in
  • Click on system status to pull up current service


Service any manufacturers products:

  • Liebert
  • Powerwarre
  • MGE
  • Chloride
  • APC

  • Verify alarm settings
  • Measure and record load current
  • Adjust float voltage settings
  • Torque power connections

Site Power Analysis

  • Grounding Layout
  • Sags/Surge Measurements
  • Load Sizing Studies
  • Oscilloscope reveals voltage spikes on AC
    power source
  • Troubleshoot the source of power
  • Check grounding layouts
  • Measure amp loads for sizing new UPS system
A few of the world-class quality products we supply and service.

World Class UPS products and services.  Experienced Professionals at managing and servicing uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
systems. Protect your business from costly disruptions. Keep your electrical back-up systems running smoothly to keep your business up
and running even when the power goes down. Technicians readily available to be on-site 24/7.
Tripp-Lite Eco Energy-Saving UPS Systems

Reduce operating costs, energy consumption and
environmental impact with reliable UPS systems.

  • 350VA Eco Energy-Saving UPS System
  • 350VA power saving, ultra-compact green UPS
  • 99% line-mode efficiency saves energy and
    operating costs
  • 2 built-in Eco outlets save power by
    automatically turning off connected
    accessories when the computer is not in use
  • Includes HID-compliant USB port, single line
    TEL / DSL line surge suppression, space
    saving right-angle input plug and three surge-
    only outlets
  • Input: NEMA 5-15P (120V 15A / Output: 6
    NEMA 5-15R (120V)
  • 3 year product warranty / $100,000 Ultimate
    Lifetime Insurance (USA, Puerto Rico &
    Canada only)
  • ECO-350UPS
120-Volt, Self-Contained Portable AC Unit

  • 12,000 BTU of cooling power (over twice
    nearest competitor)
  • Uses environmentally friendly R410a
    refrigerant (Contains zero ozone depleting R22
    refrigerant which has been banned by the U.S.
    EPA in new equipment after January 2010
  • Auto-restart feature retains all system settings
    and returns unit back to its last operational
    state after AC power is restored
  • No water collection tank required.  A built-in
    evaporator expels condensate into the
    exhaust air stream meaning no drain tube,
    drain pan or water collection tank that needs to
    be emptied every few hours.
  • Cold air output can be precisely directed
    through a 71" flexible tube to the 'hot spot' for
    better, faster cooling.  (Standard louvered
    insert is also included for general room cooling)
  • Compact, portable, self-contained design; ideal
    for IT, industrial, commercial and similar
Front Access GEL & AGM VRLA

  • 12,000 BTU of cooling power (over twice nearest competitor)
  • The SBS AFT/GFT series meets or exceeds criteria for all US telecom standards.  
    An ideal product for wireless and broadband applications with the widest variety of
    footprints and amp hour choices in the industry.  

Direct replacement for:

  • GNB Marathon(R) series,
  • Enersys Powersafe VX(R) series,
  • East Penn Unigy I (R) series,
  • Power Battery CSL/FT(R),
  • C&D Tel-FA(R) & Liberty FA(R) front access products.
  • Complies with Telecordia SR4228, Bellcore GR-63-Issue
  • UL Approval.  
  • Capacities range from 55 A/h - 250 A/h in 12v VRLA monoblocks.  
  • Choose AGM or GEL technology to fit your application.
  • The 10 year prorated warranty carries an initial 5-year at 100% full replacement for
    telecom nework installations.
S Series VRLA General Purpose Battery

  • Sealed construction allows trouble-free safe operation in any position
  • No need to add electrolyte since absorbant glass mat (AGM) technology is
    used to suspend the electrolyte.
  • Gases generated during charging are recombined in a unique oxygen cycle
    that virtually eliminates water evaporation while reducing any hydrogen gas
    production to levels that are within all domestic and international safety
  • S series are general purpose - designed to serve in emergency lighting,
    broadband, telecommunications, security, switchgear, control systems and
    mobility applications.
  • S Series is backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • 12V
  • 6V from 1.3 to 200A / hr capacities
  • S Series utilizes pure lead-tin in a calcium alloy resulting in improved
    performance across its service life
VRZ Gel-Type Extended Life VRLA Batteries

  • VRLA and Gel technology taken to its design limits to offer a single
    cell configuration with a flooded cell warranty.
  • SBS Valve-Regulated VRZ batteries are especially suitable for
    applications with discharge over a long period in which
    maintenance-free operation is required.
  • The vacuum impregnated GEL Technology eliminates the voids and
    spaces prevalent in original Gel designs.
  • The electrolyte is a fixed gel which provides a very high cycle rate
    tolerance with rapid recharge profile.
  • Capacities range from 208 A/hr to 3064 A/hr in 2v single cell
  • The VRZ is warranted for 20 years.
  • Whether used for telecom power, cellular or wireless applications,
    broadband or network support, or utility substation and control, the
    VRZ will exceed your expectations.
  • The VRZ is also well suited for AGM, mobility, CATV and security
TGi Series Tubular Gel Telecom Front Access

  • VRLA Tubular grid Gel-Type battery
  • Tailored to the telecommunications industry when computer room
    environments cannot be easily maintained and discharge events
    are longer and deeper than ina CO or outside plant.
  • Gel technology allows higher operating temperatures, deeper
    discharges, with recharges that do not compromise battery service
  • TG series is designed for microwave transmission towers,
    wireless / cellular huts, satellite receiver stations, fiber optic
    transmission systems, radio repeater and base stations as well as
    other applications.
  • Vacuum impregnation fill technology eliminates air gaps, voids and
    inclusions prevalent in many other gel and hybrid gel batteries.
  • 100% gelled-electrolyte - a true-gel product as opposed to gel-cells
    that are  a standard VRLA / AGM battery with merely a layer of
    gelled electrolyte spread across the top of the jar casing.
  • Tolerant of discharge and partial state of charge (PSOC) cyclic
  • Available in 12V monoblocks as well as 2V cells in multi-cell shelf
    trays for stacked systems using integral seismic Zone 4 racking.  
  • Suitable for 24V and 48V telecom DC plant as well as higher DC
    bus applications such as 480VDC for UPS.
G Series Gel-Type General Purpose Battery

  • Vacuum impregnated Gel technology in its range of 26 A/hr to 210 A/hr
    in 12V and 180A/hr to 225A/hr in 6V jars.  
  • The G Series tolerates a wider operating temperature range as well as
    repeate long discharge cycling.
  • Well suited for CATV, security systems, process controls, utility
    substations and other general purpose reserve applications.  
  • The G Series is leak-free and low maintenance
  • Uses pure lead-tin in calcium alloy to achieve higher performance than
    comparable batteries.
LIST PRICE: $4,899
MP PRICE:   $4,375
Est Tax Credit: $1,312
LIST PRICE: $9,200
MP PRICE:   $8,895
Est Tax Credit: $2,668
LIST PRICE: $6,999
MP PRICE:   $6,495
Est Tax Credit: $1,949
Rebates and
Rebates and
Rebates and
Gel technology has a number of advantages over the equivalent AGM particularly for telecommunication applications such as:

  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand
  • Full recovery from deep discharge even when battery is not immediately charged (PSOC)
  • Suitable for unstable main power, tolerates AC ripple well
  • High tolerance to discharge when a full charge has not been achieved (high cyclic rate)
  • Improved cycle life -- Limiting design protects the positive plates
  • Superior performance with longer discharges
  • Operates cooler - gel technology provides better thermal transfer
  • Wider operating temperature range when compared to AGM
Energy-Saving UPS Systems
Portable Air Conditioning Unit