User’s Manual

80 Watt Solar Water Pump

Included Items:
Solar Panel:
30 Meter extraction hose
30 Meter power cord
Submersible water pump
Connection box
Spare Brush’s and diaphragm
Solar Panel support frame.
Nylon Pump retrieval cord


• Avoid Electrical Hazards when installing, wiring, operating, and maintaining your
Solar Module.
The solar module included generates DC electricity when exposed to sunlight or
other light sources.
• Observe proper polarity when connecting the connector box
• Work Safely. Do not wear jewelry when working with electrical or mechanical
• Do not attempt to pump flammable liquids.
•Never touch the pump whilst in operation.
•Never leave the pump in operation without water.
Solar powered
Thermally protected permanent magnet pump
Industrial strength components
Maintenance free simple installation
Sturdy support frame
Clean quite steady flow.

Solar Panel: Power Rating: Up to 80 Watts - Maximum rating – Under optimum
Current: 4.6Amps @ 17.1Volts.
Submersible water pump: 24 Volts DC. Positive displacement, 3 chamber
Pump motor: Permanent magnet, PIN 11 126-10 thermally protected, 4 amp max
Internal bypass: 105-110 PSI max
Outlet port ½” (12.7mm) barbed fitting for ID tubing.
Inlet: 50 mesh stainless steel screen
All components are made from high strength industrial grade plastics and stainless

Water head: 10m average 1500L per day (average under optimum conditions)
20m average 1000L per day (average under optimum conditions)

Lifespan of Carbon Brushes: Average workload 8 hours per day replace after
3000 hours.


Choose an area as flat as possible, to set up the frame.
Separate the two triangular supports using the screw bar utilizing the supplied
screws and nuts
Lay your 80 Watt solar panel onto the frame, lining up the pre-drilled frame holes
with the corresponding
holes in the framework. Screw and secure.
Ensure all screws are tight and the panel is secure.
Connect the positive (+) wire from the solar panel to the positive (+) wire from the
control box. Repeat
this on the negative (-) side.
Turn the rocker switch to (I) ON.
You are now ready to begin pumping, place the submersible pump in water.

Maintenance Instructions:

Cleaning of the solar panel’s glass may be performed by the user, utilizing a clean
damp cloth.
Any other maintenance to the unit should be performed by qualified service
personnel or contact our
experienced customer service team.

Changing the Carbon Brush’s and Diaphragm in 5 easy steps:

Step 1, loosen the screws on top of the pump and around the body.

Step 2, separate the motor from the bottom cover.

Step 3, completely remove the motor from casing.

Step 4, open the motor cover to gain access to the carbon brushes.

Step 5, you now have access to the diaphragm if required.


Should you fail to have a consistent flow through the outlet hose, the problem may
be trapped air. Fill
the water input hose with water, and repeat initial procedure lifting the hose to
assist in water drawing.
Perform regular cleaning of the submersible pump, ensuring it’s free from any
Do not leave pump running without water, this will damage the pumps lifespan.
Should you still have operational problems change the Carbon Brush’s and or


The 80 Watt Solar Water Pump is covered by a one year limited warranty, and
must be tested under
optimal conditions.
This warranty does not apply in the event of misuse or abuse and or repairs and
NREL solar radiation map
Measure Solar Radiation
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Energy Consumption
Calculate Your
Carbon Footprint
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Solar-Generator ET-1800SG
SALE PRICE:   $695.00
Est Tax Credit: $208
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This Submersible Water Pump is powered by an 80-Watt, 24-Volt Solar
Panel and operates in sunny or cloudy conditions, providing an 8-hour
continuous duty cycle on average.  Can be used for flood control, sump
pump applications, drainage, industrial applications and more.


  • Permanent magnet motor and high strength plastic construction
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • 98.4-ft. power cord
  • 98.4-ft. water tube
  • 32.8 ft. (10M) head
  • Moves up to 26.4 gallons of water per day (100L)


  • GPM 1/50
  • Volts: 24
  • Amps 4
  • Watts 80
  • Duty Cycle (hrs.) 8
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
Submersible Water Pump

This Solar Utility Pump is an ideal choice for remote areas of a backyard
or field and for agricultural use.  

  • Includes a 10-Watt Monocrystalline solar panel
  • 12-Volt, 10 Amp-Hour battery that powers the pump.  
  • Pump provides total lift of 49.2 feet with 3-hour duty cycle.
  • Maximum flow is 0.76 GPM.  Includes Shower Head.
  • GPM: 3/4
  • Volts: 12
  • Amps: 3
  • Watts: 36
  • Duty Cycle: 3-Hours
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • 121079
LIST PRICE: $199.99
SALE PRICE:   $135.00
Est Tax Credit: $45
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submersible solar water pump
solar-powered water pumps
Virtually any of our solar power components can be configured to provide
ample power to your water pump or any other remote electrical application.