108-LED Commercial Solar Floodlight
  • 10-Watt 18V Polycrystalline PV Panel
  • 108 Bright LEDs (eq 150W)
  • 12V 7Ah SLA Battery
  • PART: MP-ETSGG-F1083
  • SALE PRICE $349.95
Millennium Planet offers an unlimited selection of solar lights including security floodlights, motion sensors, LED lights, fluorescent tubes, garage lights shed
lights, spotlights as well as powerful streetlights and courtyard lights.  With our unlimited selection of lights, PV panels, generators and other components, we can
configure a simple system that will cost-effectively fit your requirements.  Systems can be set up for on-grid or off-grid, residential or commercial installations.  
Please call or email and well help provide the best options for your application.  Volume discounts are available and virtually all systems qualify for the Federal
30% Tax credit as well as state and local incentives.  
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Solar-Generator ET-1800SG
60-LED Solar Motion Light
  • 1-Watt, 6-Volt Solar Panel
  • 60 LEDs
  • 3 Multi-Crystal Silicon Ni-MH Batteries
  • PART: MP-NT16687
  • SALE PRICE $44.95
Virtually any of our solar power components can be configured to provide ample power for your lighting or any other remote electrical application.
80-LED Solar Floodlight
  • 80 LED Lights
  • 30,000 Hour Life
  • Motion Sensor
  • 6V, 4 Ah Rechargeable Battery
  • PART: MP-NT162615
  • SALE PRICE $84.95
80-LED Solar Motion Light
  • 80 High-efficiency Bright LEDs
  • 3 Ni-MH 2100 mAh Batteries
  • PART: MP-ET40227
  • SALE PRICE $95.95
80-LED Solar Motion Security Floodlight
  • 80 LED Floodlights
  • Integrated Motion Detector
  • 6V 4Ah SLA Rechargeable Battery
  • PART: MP-ETM40225
  • SALE PRICE $89.95
30W Halogen Solar Security Light
  • Powerful 30-Watt Halogen Light
  • PIR Motion Sensors
  • 6V 4Ah SLA Battery
  • PART: MP-ETM40110
  • SALE PRICE $78.95
18W Industrial Solar Garage Light
  • High Powered 5W Solar Panel
  • High Efficiency Fluorescent Tube
  • 18-Watt Fluorescent Tube
  • 6-Volt 4 Amp-Hour Batteries
  • PART: MP-NT336618
  • SALE PRICE $98.95
20-LED Solar Shed Light
  • Dual Setting 10 / 20 LED
  • 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries
  • PART: MP-NT121161
  • SALE PRICE $49.95
Dual Head Solar LED Spotlight
  • Solar Panel
  • 4 Bright LEDs
  • 30,000 Hour Life
  • 3 Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  • PART: MP-NT162613
  • SALE PRICE $79.99
Solar Street / Courtyard Light
  • 12-Watt Solar Panel
  • 5-Watt High-Efficiency LED Light
  • 3 Multi-Crystal Silicon Ni-MH Batteries
  • Lights 24-Hours on Full Charge
  • SALE PRICE $496.00
Solar Floodlights - 2-pack
  • Integrated Solar Cell
  • 2 16-LED Floodlights
  • PART: MP-NT19608
  • SALE PRICE $49.99
Solar Lighting
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