Solar Panels
R7 Flexible Solar Panel
7 Watts - portable solution for
charging electronic devices or
maintaining 12V battery.
Regular Price: $250.99
Flexible Solar Panel - PowerFilm R21
21 Watts / Useful  for boating, camping, hiking.
14.5" x 5" rolled  ET-PFR21                     
R14 Flexible Solar Panel
PowerFilm / 14 Watts
6.5W Portable Solar Panel
Charger 6.5W 12V
Reg: $129 ET-GS65F
Portable Solar Panel Charger
25W 12V - Charge your batteries in the great outdoors.
Reg price: $409.99 ET-GS25F
Portable Charger
12Watt / 12Volts
Reg: $229.95 ET-GS12F
Solar Panel Output
Solar panel output is measured in watts.
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Solar Calculator.  

Calculating Wattage
Wattage is calculated by multiplying the rated voltage by the rated amperage. The formula for
wattage is VOLTS times AMPS = WATTS.   For example, a 12 volt 60 watt solar panel measuring
20 X 44 inches has a rated voltage of 17.1 and a rated 3.5 amperage.  V x A = W 17.1 volts times
3.5 amps equals 60 watts.  

Watt Hours
If an average of 6 hours of peak sun per day is available in an area, then this solar panel can
produce an average 360 watt hours of power per day; 60w times 6 hrs = 360 watt-hours.

Peak Sun Hours
The intensity of sunlight varies throughout the day, therefore the term "peak sun hours" is used to
smooth out the variations. Early morning and late-in-the-day sunlight produces less power than the
mid-day sun.  Cloudy days produce less power than bright sunny days.  Geographical areas are
rated in average peak sun hours per day based on yearly sun data.

Series or Parallel
Solar panels can be wired in series or in parallel to increase voltage or amperage.

Series wiring connects the positive terminal of one panel to the negative terminal of another. The
outer positive and negative terminals will produce voltage the sum of the two panels, but the
amperage remains the same as one panel. So two 12 volt/3.5 amp panels wired in series produce
24 volts at 3.5 amps. Four of these wired in series produce 48 volts at 3.5 amps.

Parallel wiring refers to connecting positive terminals to positive terminals and negative to
negative. The result is that voltage stays the same, but amperage becomes the sum of the number
of panels. So two 12 volt/3.5 amp panels wired in parallel would produce 12 volts at 7 amps. Four
panels would produce 12 volts at 14 amps.  

Series / Parallel wiring refers to doing both of the above - increasing volts and amps to achieve
the desired voltage as in 24 or 48 volt systems.
flexible solar panels
Unisolar 124-Watt PV Module
Discount Price: $412.60
Unisolar 68-Watt PV Module
Discount Price: $242.07
Sharp 62-Watt Solar Shingles
Discount Price: $391.55
Powerfilm Foldable 60 -Watt Solar Charger
Discount Price: $1,157.86
Solar Laptop Charger and Portable Power Kit
300 Watt - 12 Watt Solar Panel
Includes Solar Panel, Accessories and Powerpack 300
Regular Price: $349.00  ET-SLC12
Solar PV Panels
Millennium Planet is a wholesale distributor of an unlimited array of renewable energy components including high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels used in
residential and commercial applications, including off-grid, grid-tie systems, as well as portable solar systems and complete do-it-yourself kits.  We're partnered
with a growing list of quality manufacturers to ensure that you get the best product for your particular application at the best price.  All quality products are CE
Certified and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.  Please call or email for current pricing information, discounts and incentives.
PRICING Note - Solar PV Panel prices continues to fluctuate.  Due to increased worldwide
production, economies of scale and government subsidies, panels have gone from
approximately $5.00 per watt a few years ago and industry experts like SEI expect prices to be
as low as $1.00 per watt by 2012.  Let us help you build and configure your system and we will
identify the highest quality products for your system at the most current and affordable price.