The simplest system is the Grid Intertied Solar Without Batteries. This is a basic net metering arrangement, where the
solar system ia able to send power to the grid, which reduces your utility costs.  When the solar system is not providing
enough capacity, you are able to use grid power.  In order to produce AC power, all that is needed are the solar panels
and an inverter.  The metering on the utility connection measures which way and how much electricity flows.

An Off-Grid Solar system allows you to run your household appliances and equipment when the local utility power is

The basic solar power system uses batteries for energy storage. This system provides protection from losing your normal
household power supply, and is referred to as Grid Intertied Solar With Battery Backup.

The solar panel output is routed to  the charge controller, which controls how much power the batteries can take.  The
panels are not directly connected into the inverter, so the batteries provide a buffer for the power. The DC from the battery
bank goes to the inverter, which inverts it to AC electricity.

The inverter can also extract plug-in power from the grid to charge the batteries if needed.  The system is also able to
incorporate an optional generator in place of the utility connection to provide an alternate method of generating power.  
This would enable you to have power during long periods of overcast weather where solar energy is insufficient to meet
your power requirements.  An option would be to have more batteries with energy stored for those long periods.
Grid-Tie PV Systems
Grid-tie PV power systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings.

They consist of high quality PV modules, inverter, array wiring, DC and AC disconnects,mounting structures to secure
modules on the roof, electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions.

Solar Electric Photovoltaic starter system can be combined to form larger systems to meet your requirements, in the
future. The solar starter system can reduce part of your bill, or eliminate higher cost electricity in locations that have
progressively increasing rates as consumption increases. The starter kit system gives you allthe benefits of utility
interconnection and net metering for a low upfront investment. This kit qualifies for rebates and tax credits depending on
the state you live in.


• Reduce your electric bill
• Protect against future rate increases
• Produce electricity free clean energy  
• Become energy independent
• Reduce fossil fuels use & save the environment
• Increase the value of your home / business
• Systems qualify for tax credits, state rebates and incentives
solar grid system