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Plug and Play - Portable Power System - Needs No Installation

The Power Source 1800 is the perfect plug and play solution for continuous
emergency backup power.  The PS1800 supplies uninterrupted backup power
for a variety of household and emergency appliances including lights,
computers, televisions, radios and sump pumps.

As a true off-grid appliance, the PS1800 is a great alternative to gas
generators, offering clean renewable energy with no ongoing costs.  Unlike gas
generators, the PS1800 runs quietly and emits no fumes while producing
electricity directly from the sun.  Whether its hurricanes, ice storms, brownouts
or blackouts, the PS1800 offers a reliable source of permanent power.

The PS1800 is easy to move around and great for a variety of uses away from
home such as camping, boating, and providing remote power for construction
sites.  Easy to use - simply point, plug-in and power up.  Provides portable
household power whenever and wherever its needed.

Product Features

  • 1800 watt inverter with five 120 volt outlets
  • Digital LED display indicates battery capacity status
  • High efficiency 90 watt solar panel for fast system recharge
  • Solar panel cart features wheels for easy placement
  • Solar panel cart includes summer/winter sun angle settings
  • Charge from solar panel or AC outlet
  • Ideal for home Backup Power will operate refrigerator, freezer, sump
    pump, fish tank, home alarm system and garage door opener.
  • Emergency Power runs essential electronics including TVs, radios, fans,
    mobile and cordless phones.
  • Remote Power is perfect for construction sites, camping, boating and
    outdoor events
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Solar-Generator ET-1800SG
LIST PRICE: $2,197
MP PRICE:   $1,797
Est Tax Credit: $539
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