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This is an incredibly powerful and powerful solar energy system, completely plug-and-play, and will
power a wide array of electronic devices.  The kit comes complete with an 80-watt solar panel and the
Xantrex XPower 1500 PowerPack.  Included is the Sunkeeper 6 charge controller to prevent
overcharging of the battery and extend battery life.

The system is made to power a range of appliances such as Television, blender, microwave, coffee pot,
office equipment, computers, monitor, printer, fax machine depending on your need.  Its perfect for
emergency preparedness and back-up power.

The XPowerpack 1500 is a portable power system that supplies up to 1500 watts of household electricity
- enough to run virtually any electronic product.  The Powerpack consists of a 12V battery pack that
stores 60 Ah (amp-hours) of electrical energy.  Its a state-of-the-art inverter that converts 12 volts from
the battery pack to 120V AC 60Hz household current.  The AC power panel contains two standard
outlets, and a 12V DC power socket to run or charge 12 volt products as needed.  These components
are packaged onto a rugged cart with a removable handle the allows the XPower Powerpack 1500 to
move from room-to-room or outdoors over rough terrain.

XPower Powerpack 1500 Features

  • Powers AC products up to 1500 watts
  • Easty to monitor, dual-outlet AC panel
  • Built-in 1500 watt inverter with protection features
  • 60 amp-hour battery
  • Industrial design
  • Fast and easy recharge
Solar-Generator ET-1800SG
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