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  • This Solar Power System lets you run 1,250watts of power and has a total Ah
    capacity of 440Ah (Amp Hours).
  • Each unit acts as an ultra-quiet emergency backup system that monitors your utility
    company's electric power 24/7, so the back up system knows when to come on
    and when to turn off again.
  • Plug & Play — no installation of power system required.
  • In the event of a power outage, the built-in automatic transfer switch provides
    backup emergency power and recharges with the power of the sun; no additional
    transfer switch required unless using in conjunction with a generator
  • Energy is stored in 2 powerful 220Ah batteries (440Ah total), then converted to AC
    electricity by the system's inverter charger
  • Converts 12V DC to 120V AC @ 60 Hz
  • Battery charge rate 3-stage, 30 Amp battery charger
  • 2 NEMA 5-15R output 110 AC receptacles
  • Charges batteries with solar or utility power or standby generator                
Solar-Generator ET-1800SG
Solar-Generator ET-1800SG
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This system delivers 1250 Watts of continuous power with two 150-watt solar panels.  Perfect for remote cabins, hunting lodges or if you just want to stop giving
your money to the electric company.  Inverter provides 120 volts of AC power capable of running all essential home electrical devices.  Systems can be used for
back-up or stand alone household power for emergency outages or off-grid applications.  System is easily upgradeable.  True plug and play - does not require
an electrician or installation.  Zero Noise. Zero Exhaust. Zero Carbon Emissions.  Eligible for 30% Federal Tax Credit PLUS State and Local Incentives.  Free
Electricity Whenever and Wherever you need it.   
LIST PRICE: $4,899
MP PRICE:   $4,375
Est Tax Credit: $1,312
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