solar and wind charger
Explorer Solar Charger
Stores up to 96 hours of reserve power for cell phones,
iPods, digital cameras, PDAs, Blackberry, MP3s, PSPs,
iPhones (including 3G) and most electronic devices.  
Original Price $129.95  Sale Price: $89.95   ET-PMS100         
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Solar Laptop Charger
On location, on safari, up a mountain or on the move, this
charger delivers power anywhere under the sun.
Sale Price: $249.85     ET-SOLG           
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K3 Solar and Wind Charger
3-in-1 tri-brid charging system for
collecting and storing power -
largest capacity in its class.
Sale Price: $89.85
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R7 Flexible Solar Panel
7 Watts - portable solution for
charging electronic devices or
maintaining 12V battery.
Reg: $250.99 / Sale: $179.99
Solar Rigid Panel Battery Charger
15W Solar Charger / 1 Amp / 12Volt Battery Charger
Regular Price $129.00 / Sale Price: $109.00
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Flexible Solar Panel - PowerFilm R21
21 Watts / Useful  for boating, camping, hiking.
14.5" x 5" rolled             Sale Price: $379.00
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R14 Flexible Solar Panel
PowerFilm / 14 Watts
Sale Price:$279.00
6.5W Portable Solar Panel
Charger 6.5W 12V
Reg: $129 / Sale: $99.00
Solar Laptop Charger and Portable Power Kit
300 Watt - 12 Watt Solar Panel
Includes Solar Panel, Accessories and Powerpack 300
Regular Price: $349.00 / Sale Price: $329.89
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Portable Solar Panel Charger
25W 12V - Charge your batteries in the great outdoors.
Reg price: $409.99 / Sale Price: $349.89
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Portable Charger
12Watt / 12Volts
Reg: $229.95 / Sale: $189.89
Portable Solar Briefcase Kit
150-Watt Inverter
Two 20-Watt Solar Panels
Sale Price: $795.00
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Solar Briefcase and Power Hub
Sturdy body protects light sensitive elements.  10.5Watt unit
powers lights, small appliances or recharge devices.
Reg Price: $289.00 / Sale Price: $199.00
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Sherpa 50 Explorer Solar Kit
50 Watt Solar Panel,
Battery,  AC Inverter
Sale Price: $374.89
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ET-1800SG Solar Generator
Solar Panel and Motor
Half-volt panel is 2" x 1".
Sale Price $12.00
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Solar Electric Generator
1800 Watt Solar Generator
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Solar Car Chargers
From 2.25W to 22.5Watts
Starting at: $49.99
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portable solar charger
solar laptop charger
Selecting a Solar Charger:

  • Estimate the number of
    watts or amps your
    equipment draws when in
    use and how many hours
    per day you need to run
    the devices.

  • Example: Cell phone uses
    5 watts or 400 mah for 5
    hours.  400 mah x 5 hours
    = 2000 mah

  • Laptop Computer 50 watts
    or 4000 mah for 3 hours
    per day.  4000 mah x 3
    hours= 12000 mah

  • Total Power needed:
    14000 mah (or 14 amp
    hours) per day.

  • For this amount of power,
    a backup battery will be
    needed to store power
    from your solar charger.  
    Your equipment will run
    directly off the battery.

  • A 14-amp battery will be
    needed to run the
    equipment for the hours
    per day estimated.

  • To charge a 14-amp
    battery with a solar
    charger:  A 1-amp solar
    charger will charge up a
    14-amp hour battery in 14

  • To reduce charging times
    select a more powerful
    solar charger.

  • To calculate amperage
    divide the watts of the
    device by 12.  Example: A
    5 watt cell phone divided
    by 12 = 0.400 (or 400 mah)