Solar Slave Solar Panel
Multiple Charging Capabilities
Backup Battery
Solar Slave
Solar Panel
Charge via USB,
Solar, or Wall Plug
of Colors
Explorer Portable Solar Charger

  • Stores up to 96 hours of reserve power
  • Works for cell phones, iPods, digital cameras,
    PDAs, Blackberry, MP3s, PSPsm iPhones and
    most electronic devices.
  • Solar charger also includes the micro USB tip
    for the latest smart phones like the EVO HTC,
    Motorola Droid, and other Android phones.
  • Includes Solar Slave Solar Panel
  • Charge anywhere using Solar, USB or Wall Plug
  • Backup Battery
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Choice of Colors
  • Original Price $129.99              
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    Sale Price $89.95
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  • Charge anywhere there's sunshine, via wall adapter or USB.
  • USB connectors power up iPods and accessories, MP3 players, PDAs, smart mobile phones, digital cameras, game consoles,
    BlackBerrys, Bluetooth headsets and many more digital devices
  • Kit includes universal mains travel charger with interchangeable heads for use in 150 countries
  • Protection against short-circuit, over-charging, and over-discharging protection
  • Stores up to 96 hours of reserve power for cellphones, iPods, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3s, PSPs, iPhones (including iPhone 3G) and
    most electronic devices
  • Works with iPod (3rd, 4th, 5th Gen), Mini, Nano, Photo, Video, Shuffle, iTouch and iPhone (including iPhone 3G)
  • Compatible with standard mobile phones and electronic devices. (check compatibility tab)
  • Includes micro USB tip for the latest smart phones like HTC Evo, Motorola Droid, and other Android phones.
  • Solar-slave solar charger plus Powermonkey explorer = 2 reusable sources of power (no batteries needed)
  • To use the charger with the iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 4G please purchase the iPhone 4G Adapter.
  • Explorer Solar Charger lets you take charge of your life.  The hand-held size gives you the freedom to charge your important
    accessories anywhere you want, whenever you want.  Make sure you have full power at all times by charging it with the solar-
    slave, which can be attached to a rucksack, hung from a window, left ina car or taken anywhere the sun shines.  Cell phones, iPods,
    cameras and many other electronic devices can be charged as needed.  Specifically designed for the outdoor environment, this solar
    charger is powerful, portable, tough and water-resistant.  Enjoy convenience and security with up to 1-year of stand-by reserve
portable solar charger