• Solar Car Ventilator - Silently and efficiently rids your vehicle of
    hot, stale and stuffy air, even on scorching hot days.

  • Eliminates hot air and odors -  from inside the vehicle and
    replaces it with fresh air from the outside, ultimately reducing the
    interior temperature of the vehicle.  Removes hot air, stale air,
    humidity, pet and tobacco smoke odors.

  • Clears Air Every 20 Minutes - this solar ventilator exchanges the
    air inside your vehicle every 20 minutes.

  • Works with Windows Closed - your windows remain securely
    closed and the vehicle securely locked.

  • Easy Installation - Installs in seconds on most vehicles. Simply
    attach the included weather proof fitting strips to the ventilator,
    place the ventilator on top of the window edge and roll the window
    closed.  Each unit includes three different lengths of fitting strips,
    which can be used to fit most vehicle windows.

  • No Drain on Battery - Runs directly on solar energy, there is no
    drain on your vehicle's battery and no batteries to replace or

  • Protect your vehicle's interior and your valuable stereo and
    electronic equipment from the damaging effects of extreme heat

  • Reduce Strain on AC - reduces the strain on your air conditioning
    system during start-up.
The Solar Car Ventilator completely clears out hot air and odors from your vehicle using only the power of the sun.
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Never get into a hot stuffy car again!
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