5-Watt Solar Camping Kit
List Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $59.95
  • 5-Watt Amorphous solar panel that works even in
    cloudy conditions
  • USB port for electronic devices
  • Battery can be charged with standard AC power
    or Solar Power
  • 5-Watt Amorphous PV Panel
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 5/16
  • Thickness: 3 inches
  • Battery: 12V, 7 Ah
This complete solar power kit comes with everything you need to survive a power
emergency. With various accessories, including two ultra bright lights, you'll be ready
for long lasting power anytime.

  • Charge any 12 Volt battery with the solar panel and battery clamps
  • Charge cell phones, cameras, and MP3 players.
  • Simple plug and play systems ensures quick and easy connections between the
    device and the power kits.
  • Complete Solar Power Kit for Any Power Emergency
  • Simple interface allows for easy connection between gadgets
  • Charge any 12 Volt battery or any gadgets like cell phones, cameras, and MP3
    players via USB charging port.
  • 1Year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Solar Panel: Type: Amorphous
  • Maximum Voltage - 15.6 Volts DC
  • Maximum Power Total - 7.5 Watts
  • Maximum Current Total - 0.33 Amps
  • Cable Length - 11.8 feet
  • Dimensions Each - 8.54” x 15.98” x 0.5”
  • Power Battery Box: Maximum Output Power - 12 Watts
  • Output Power Voltage - 5V USB * 1 + 12V DC *2
  • Battery Type - 12V 2.6Ah
  • Dimensions - 4.96” x 2.60” x 10.08”
  • Light Bulbs (each): LED Type - Ultra Bright White
  • LED Quantity - 12 LEDs
  • Working Volt - 12 Volt
  • Power - 3 Watts
  • Cable Length - 20 Feet
Ideal for camping, boating, fishing trips and more. Includes an
amorphous solar panel that works even in cloudy conditions. Provides
a safe alternative to propane lanterns and are ideal for dry areas.
Be prepared for any emergency. This Solar Powered battery and charger kit includes
everything you need to power-up all your 12V devices, gadgets as well as have ultra
bright LED light whenever you need it. The Solar Powerpak with Light is a Backup
Power Kit made for true survival.
7.5-Watt Solar Power Pack
List Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $79.95
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