1.8-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

  • 1.8 Watt amorphous solar battery maintainer is ideal for
    cars, ATVs, PWCs, light duty trucks, SUVs and all 12V
  • It's an effective way to replenish your batteries for quick
    starts. Clean and quiet operation.
  • Built-in blocking diodes prevent discharging at night. Ultra-
    bright blue LED charge indicator.
  • NOTE: System is not weatherproof; it's designed to be
    positioned on the inside of windshield with suction cups.
  • Charges in all conditions - shade, clouds, even indoors
  • Self-regulated unit will never overcharge your batteries
  • Conveniently connects directly to battery with included
    battery clamps, or through the cigarette lighter with
    included 12V DC plug

Whats Included

  • Amorphous Solar Panel
  • 12V power source adapter
  • Battery Clamps
  • Suction Cups

List Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.95
3-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

  • This 3-Watt Solar Battery Maintainer uses the power of
    the sun to trickle charge and maintain the 12V battery in
    your car, truck or RV.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Weatherproof unit plugs into a 12V power port or directly
    to the battery and begins charging efficiently and safely
  • Built-in overcharge/discharge protection.
  • Works in all daylight conditions


  • (1) Battery maintainer
  • (1) 12V DC plug
  • (2) Battery clamps
  • 2.3mm wire
  • Suction cups

Original Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.95
Solar Battery Trickle Charger - 6-Watt

  • Provides quick starts and longer battery life
  • No more dead batteries.  Use the power of the sun to
    maintain 12V batteries anywhere, anytime.
  • Works with cars, boats and RVs.
  • Eliminates threat of dead batteries with water pumps,
    electric fences and deer feeders.
  • Aluminum frame with protective corners
  • Works with 12V rechargeable batteries.

Whats Included:

  • 6-Watt PV Panel, 14 x 2 x 16.6
  • Clamp Set
  • 12 feet of wire
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

List Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $29.95
5-Watt Solar Battery Minder Charger

  • Optimizes all solar panels charge rates.
  • Patented PulseMode desulphation circuitry, designed to
    safely remove sulphation.
  • System actively monitors your battery's voltage any time
    the sun is up
  • Guaranteed to never overcharge
  • Maintain up to 2 batteries at a time
  • Maximize your battery's life and storage capacity
  • 1 year 100% money back guarantee, 5 year "no hassle"

What's Included

  • Batteryminder
  • 5 Watt 12 x 18 inch amorphous silicon solar panel
  • 2ft. fused ring terminal cord set with quick connector
  • 20ft. DC solar panel connection, 4ft. DC cord with quick
  • (1) Battery condition Indicator
  • (1) Mounting hardware kit

Original Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $89.95
Use the power of the sun to maintain batteries anywhere, anytime.  Solar battery maintainers and chargers are ideal for cars, ATVs, PWCs, light-duty trucks, SUVs,
RVs, recreational vehicles and all 12-volt batteries. Maximize your batterys life and storage capacity. Systems ensure your batteries are replenished for quick
starts.  Clean and quiet operation.  No installation required.  Maintenance free.  Self-regulated units will never overcharge your batteries.  Built-in blocking diodes
prevent discharging at night. Easy do-it-yourself kits – no need for professional installation. Please call or email if you have any questions on any of these products
or other configurations designed specifically for your application.  All systems are eligible for 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as state and local incentives.  
NREL solar radiation map
Measure Solar Radiation
Energy Consumption Meter
Carbon Footprint Calculator
Tax Incentives and Rebates
Battery Chargers / Maintainers

Note: Your battery(s) need to be in “good” condition to
gain the full benefits from your BatteryMINDer Solar
maintenance charger – desulphator system. By “good”
we mean no shorted cells, and a “rested” voltage of
each battery = 12.2 volts*. When able to test your batteries
with a hydrometer, do so only after fully charging
them and waiting at least overnight before testing
for specific gravity level. If your readings indicate
battery is holding a charge equal to only 1125 (1.125
s.g.) or only 2 balls floating (in a 4 ball type hydrometer)
or just 12.25 volts (when tested with a digital voltmeter),
your batteries should first be desulphated with a 120
Vac input type charger-desulphator. Once your batteries
are properly desulphated your solar charging system
will be able to keep them desulphated and fully charged
for years to come. * “RESTED”-SEE OTHER SIDE

Solar panel must be mounted Black glass side up (silver
side down). It must be orientated in a direction that

extended by an additional 5’, using same gauge / type
cord. Always leave at least 3/4” space between panel
and mounting surface.

Solar Controller Must be mounted in an area where it
can be easily seen, protected from the elements (direct
rainfall), and bright sunlight (where it would be difficult to
see the 3 LED status indicators). Do not attempt to
extend or replace (substitute) the quick connect-disconnect
battery cables supplied with your system, as it is
important the controller be in the same general temperature
environment as the battery(s). Use the already
attached Velcro adhesive pad to either temporally or
permanently mount the controller. This will allow you to
change its location, should you ever wish to, without
leaving holes behind. You may also choose to use the
screw holes provided.

Connect output wires from solar panel to solar controller
by sliding terminal cover on controller to expose terminals
beneath. Be careful to

observe correct polarity. Do one
wire at a time. Do not have solar
panel exposed to sunlight. Do
not touch wires together.

Connect cord set (supplied) to
battery clamps or directly to terminals
(depends on battery
type) Observe polarity indications
on ring end of wires: Red =

+ (positive) Black/Blue = (
Solar Controller has three (3)
separate LED status indicators:
They are:

Yellow = Solar Power - Lit when
sufficient sunlight is available to
charge/maintain/desulphate battery(

– + To Solar Panel

Red = Polarity Reversed
(Battery only) If lit RED, reverse

will ensure maximum exposure to the sun.
It MUST be mounted on a flat surface only using the
brackets enclosed in the foam package and installed on
the panel’s frame. Panels are made of tempered glass,
able to withstand nature’s elements, including hale
stones as large as 1-1/2” diameter at 60 miles per hour.
However, it cannot stand up to a person’s weight, so do
not mount anywhere a person could accidentally step
on it. Try to locate within area that does not require you
to extend the cord. If this is not possible, cord may be

battery connector wires to battery.

Green = Battery Charge If lit (solid) battery is being
charged-desulphated. If it blinks (flashes) battery is
being maintained and desulphated (if required).


Note: Never try to use your SCC005 solar con
troller with any other solar panels in excess
of 15 watts total. Doing so will burn out your
unit and void your FIVE (5) year warranty and
ONE (1) year Guarantee.

Mounting Instructions

Kit with Temporary and Permanent Mounting Brackets.
See Mounting Instructions - Figure 1 on other side.

The panel comes with two arms for angling the panel for
a temporary installation and four brackets for installing
the panel permanently on a surface. The brackets and
screws are in the cut-out in the foam underneath the
Mount the panel with the black side up and silver side
down. It must be placed in a location where there is
maximum sunlight.
Try to locate an area where you do not have to extend
the cord. If this is not possible, the cord may be extended
by an additional 5 feet.

Temporary Installation with Arms
See Mounting Instructions - Figure 2 on other side.

Use the arms to angle the panel for optimal sun exposure.
The panel has two nuts in the groove at each short
end of the panel. You may place the panel temporarily,
for example, on the ground or on top of the vehicle.

1. Screw the arms provided in the kit in the nuts that are
in the groove at each short end of the panel.
2. Let the panel rest on a flat surface.
3. Make sure that you place the panel in a location
where it is not going to fall down and where you are
going to get maximum sunlight.
Permanent Installation with Brackets
See Mounting Instructions - Figure 3 (Back View) on other side.

Use the brackets provided in the kit to install the panel
permanently to a surface. You could attach the panel,
for example, to a wall, on the roof, etc. Leave about 1”
between the surface and the panel for airflow. The manufacturer
is not responsible for any damage to the panel
caused by incorrect installation.

1. Unscrew the flat head screws from the brackets in the
groove at both ends of the long side of the panel.
2. Use the Phillips head machine screws provided in the
kit to screw each bracket on the panel.
3. Use the Phillips head sheet metal screws provided in
the kit to attach the panel to the surface. If you need
longer screws, buy them from the hardware store.
4. Leave about 3/4” between the surface and the panel
for airflow. Insert, for example, piece of wood between
the bracket and the surface to create the space.
5. Make sure that you install the panel securely. The
manufacturer is not responsible for any damage to the
panel caused by incorrect installation.
Frequently Asked QUESTIONS:

Q:Can the Solar BatteryMINDer be used to charge,
maintain and desulphate any size or type lead acid12-volt battery
such as sealed gel, agm, deep cycle,
marine, maintenance free electrolyte?

A:YES, BatteryMINDer can charge, maintain and desulphate
any type size lead acid based battery, regardless
of construction or brand. It is however limited in power
(charge current output) by the solar panel (5 watts = 15v
@ 0.333 amps). If possible, always charge your battery(
s) to full capacity using a plug-in type 120 Vac input
high output charger, before connecting it to your solar
maintenance charger.

Q:Can BatteryMINDer be used to maintain and
desulphate more than one battery at a time?

A:YES, but remember the limitation of the solar panel
will determine how much current output your Solar
BatteryMINDer can supply to the battery. Normally, 2
parallel connected medium sized (auto size) batteries
can be maintained, if they are in good condition. See
our definition of a “good” battery in instructions for the
Battery MINDer SCC005 solar maintenance chargerdesulphator.

Q:Why do the solar LED indicators turn off and then
suddenly turn on seconds later?

A:When the sun goes behind a cloud the solar controller
shuts down, in order to prevent the battery from being
discharged due to low or no solar energy. As soon as
sufficient solar energy is detected by the solar controller,
the LED indicators turn on again and unit resumes its
function as a charger-maintainer-desulphator.

Q:Why doesn’t the GREEN LED start blinking immediately
after low solar shut off, when just before the
LEDs turned off the green LED was blinking?

A:For the green charge power LED to blink unit must
first charge battery to approximately 14.2-volts. Once it
reaches this voltage the unit automatically switches to a
lower float-maintenance level where it holds the battery’s
voltage at approximately 13.4-volts. For the green
LED to start blinking the unit must first charge the battery
again to the 14-volt level. This can take from
several minutes to several hours, depending on battery
size and the amount of solar energy hitting the solar

Battery Condition Indicator (BCI):
Your BCI will give you a quick and accurate indication
of your battery(s) state of charge-condition.
By properly using your BCI you can determine
whether your battery needs to be charged,
is not holding its charge or needs to be desulphated.
This is what you must do if you expectaccurate-helpful results:

ALWAYS test your battery only after it has beencharged as fully as
possible with a highpower charger (5 -10 Amp rated) and left“rested”
for 10 to 24 hours*. If you don’t followthese directives you will obtain
information that isinaccurate or down right misleading. Take yourtime
and do it right and your battery(s) willreap the benefits and so will
your pocketbook.

* “Rested” means a charged battery that hasnot been recharged or
discharged for a minimum
of 10 hours and has had no load
attached to it during this time period.
Turn engine and ALL accessories off.
Carefully think of the best location on or nearyour battery to locate
your BCI so it can beeasily seen and read. Clean surface you planto
attach BCI to using an alcohol cleaningpad.

Attach the ring terminal on the Red wire ofyour BCI to the (+) Positive
clamp on yourbattery.
Attach the ring terminal on the Black wire ofyour BCI to the (-)
Negative clamp on yourbattery.

Mounting Hardware
Instructions on Reverse

Mounting Instructions - Figure 1
Mounting Instructions - Figure 3
(Back View)
Mounting Instructions - Figure 2
(Engine and ALL loads must be off for accurate
readings) Remember, only test a fullycharged battery and only after it
has “rested”*
for 10 hours minimum.

Press the area on the face of your BCI inraised area marked PUSH.

If all three (3) LEDs light ( red, yellow andgreen) your battery is
“good” = fully charged =

12.5 – 13.2 volts
If only the Red and Yellow LEDs light your battery
is “fair” = 12.0 – 12.5-volts

If only the Red LED lights your battery is in“poor” condition (11.5 –
12.0 volts). Batteryneeds to be desulphated fully before it can
befurther evaluated to determine if it can be
returned to “good” condition.

WHEN NO LEDs are lit, battery can be considered
“DEAD”, unlikely able to be restored.

AGAIN, this can only be accurately determinedif you have correctly
allowed your battery to“rest”* after first having fully charged it as

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fused lead (located on
positive lead of battery connector): ATC-3
blade type 3 amp rated. DO NOT ATTEMPT