Sherpa 50 Battery
Solar Adventure Gear
Includes The Nomad 13.5-Watt Solar Panel and The
Sherpa 50 Battery.  For the minimalist who requires
power to keep essential devices charged, this power kit
provides 50 watt hours of renewable power in a tight
fitting kit.  Charge the Sherpa 50 battery with the Nomad
13.5M solar array.  The Nomad charges the battery in 9
hours of full sun.

  • 50-watt hours of power pack storage capacity
  • Powers a variety of USB, DC, and AC devices (with
    Sherpa UI Universal Inverter)
  • Powered by GOALO LiFe batteries rated for 2-3,000
  • Equivalent to 30,000 AA alkaline batteries
  • LCD status monitor keeps track of power storage
  • Rugged and weather resistant to protect against
  • Integrated charge controller protects internal battery
    and connected devices from burnout and electrical

  Reg Price: $449.00   Sale Price: $374.89
Sherpa 50 Battery
Compact design - easy to pack, light to carry and
expandable to fit changing power needs -- it takes the bulk
out of rechargeable power and offers a lightweight yet
durable way to bring power with you. Less than 2 pounds, its
the ideal shape to pack in everything from backpacks to
panniers to laptop cases, yet rugged enough to withstand
abuse.  Charge it from the wall, solar panels or car adapter
and add other power packs and inverters through a simple
stacking and unique cord chaining method.

Perfect for powering and recharging portable electronic
devices, cell phones, iPods, FRS radios, GO Pro cameras,
handheld GPS units, GMRS radios Rindme 911, and
satellite phones.

  • 50-watt hours of power pack storage capacity
  • Equivalent to 30,000 AA alkaline batteries
  • LCD status monitor keeps track of power storage

                                Sale Price: $210.00
Sherpa UI Universal Inverter
Allows you to power your AC devices anywhere in the world.  
Can be powered from GOALo batteries or can be used as a
standalone product from your car or boat.

  • 100-watt inverter with universal plug - works with standard U.
    S. AC two or three prong plugs and most international plugs
  • Can be easily switched between 110V to 220V
  • Allows you to power commonly used electronic devices
    such as laptops, cellphones, or GPS
  • Compatible with all Sherpa batteries
  • Can be used from any 12V cigarette adapter - such as car
    or boat with male adapter included.

    ET-13002                            Sale Price: $79.00
Nomad 13.5W Panel
Sherpa 50 Battery + Nomad Solar Panel
Sherpa UI Universal Inverter
Sherpa 120-Watt Kit
Discount Price:
Amazon Price: $722
GOAL ZERO is an innovator of portable solar power systems that power a variety of USB, AC and DC devices anywhere and anytime.  Providing a perfect
blend of portability, power, and ease-of-use, GOAL ZERO products feature full solar energy systems - solar panels, power packs and accessories - each
designed to work in concert with each other.
Sherpa 50 + Nomad Solar Panel
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Sherpa 50 Battery
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