The 300-watt model is the easy solution for small
powerneeds. Compact, lightweight and portable!
Cooling fan runs continuously. On/off switch, 400-watt
surge, cooling fan, thermal and overload protection,
and dual AC outlets.
    Modified Sine Wave Inverter Specifications
    Continuous Output
300 watts
600 watts
1,000 watts
1,500 watts
2,500 watts
    Surge Output
400 watts
860 watts
1,300 watts
2,100 watts
3,600 watts
    No-Load Current
0.2 amps
0.2 amps
0.2 amps
1.1 amps
77 amps
    Dimensions (inches)
8.5 x 4.8 x 2
9 x 3.4 x 2
10.4 x 5.7 x 2.8
19 x 9.4 x 3.25
18.7 x 9.5 x 3.5
1.8 lbs
2.0 lbs
4.2 lbs
12.1 lbs
13.5 lbs
  • These modified sine-wave inverters let you run
    standard AC appliances wherever and whenever you

  • Silent, lightweight and simple to use, these inverters
    bring electricity to your RV, boat, car or even your home.

  • Simply plug the item you wish to run into one of the AC
    receptacles, and you can run your AC load right off your
    batteries day or night without a generator.

  • All six models have an on-off switch, cooling fan,
    thermal and overload protection as well as dual AC

  • One-year manufacturers warranty.
The 600-watt model includes the same features as the
300-watt and is the perfect inverter for your
middle-range power needs — powerful yet economical.
Great for lights, drills and blenders. 860-watt surge.
Run your standard AC appliances wherever you travel
with these silent, lightweight and simple-to-use
inverters! Designed for RVs, campers, long-haul
trucks, boats, cars, mobile offices, service vehicles
and emergency back-up power.

  • The 1,000- watt inverter has a digital display.
  • The 1,750-watt is a heavy-duty inverter designed to
    run high-wattage appliances.
  • Both inverters come with on/off switches, cooling
    fans, thermal and overload protection, and dual AC
  • 2,500-watt is capable of being hard wired with
    optional accessory kit.
Modified Sine Wave Inverters