• These high-voltage input inverters offer ground-fault
    protection, eliminate large wire sizes and ease long distance
  • Powder-coated, stainless steel, outdoor-rated NEMA 4 cases
    deliver full power up to 140°F.
  • Conversion efficiency is 93.5% to 95.6%.
  • Internal power uses under 7W, less than 0.1W on standby
  • Nighttime utility auto-disconnect eliminates phantom loads
  • Features redundant high-efficiency processors, easy data
    communications, and Maximum Power Point Tracking.
  • Displays instantaneous AC Watts, DC Volts, daily and total kWh,
    operating hours and inverter status.
  • Remote monitoring and data acquisition available.
  • All installations need the Hi-Volt Lightning Protector and require
    high-voltage series-strings of varying numbers of modules
    (depending on various factors).
  • Five-year manufacturers warranty.
Sunny Boy Grid-Tie Inverters