• Based on the proven technology of the Xantrex DR Series, the Xantrex
    Trace-Series Inverter / Chargers are an economical power conversion
    solution designed to provide dependable modified sine-wave electricity
    in conjunction with any renewable energy source in an off-grid
    application or a generator.
  • New features include a digital display showing kilowatts (kW) when
    inverting, amps (A) when charging and status indicators, plus the new
    PFC Power-Factor-Corrected charging reduces electricity draw and
    generator run-time.
  • These inverters will automatically protect themselves from overload, high
    temperatures, high or low battery voltages — all the things we’ve come to
    expect from modern inverters; you just can’t hurt them externally.
  • All models are ETL-approved to UL specifications.
  • Two-year manufacturers warranty.
  • Dimensions: 8½"H x 7¼"D x 21"W. USA.
Xantrex Trace Series Inverters/Chargers