kiwi mpg fuel saving device

  • Drive Green - This gas saving device will enable you
    to more effectively drive green and reduce CO2

  • Compete - Obtain the highest "Score" - the higher
    your "Score", the "greener" you are driving.

  • Simple Installation - The ODBII device is plug and
    play and totally compatible with all 1996 vehicles and

  • Plug and Play - It plugs into your existing on board
    diagnostic port (OBDII), located near your steering

  • Real Time Vehicle Performance Data - From this
    port, the device is able to obtain detailed sensor
    information about your vehicle.

  • Optimize Driving Efficiency - A multitude of sensor
    data including vehicle speed, RPM, engine load,
    oxygen sensor readings are all analyzed to determine
    your vehicle's optimum driving efficiency.

  • Increase Gas Mileage - In doing so, your driving
    style will be optimized for the highest MPG.
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