• Do not operate this product under direct sunlight or in
    high temperatures. Damage and malfunction may occur.

  • To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this
    product to rain or moisture.

  • Do not operate this product while driving as it may
    interfere resulting in an accident or even death.

  • Do not drive with this product if you have not securely
    tied the OBD cable away from your vehicle controls such
    as your gas pedal and/or brake pedal. This may interfere
    with the operation of your vehicle resulting in injury

  • Do not use this product and its accessories in any way
    other than specified by PLX Devices Inc.

  • PLX Devices Inc. is not liable for accidents or damage
    caused by misuse of this product.

  • Do not tamper, disassemble, or modify this product. This
    may cause an accident, fire, electric shock, or product
Mobile Devices

  • Real Time Vehicle Data - ODB2
    plugs into the vehicle and obtains
    detailed sensor data including  
    speed, RPM, engine load, and
    oxygen sensor readings.

  • Optimize Driving Efficiency -
    Data  is analyzed to determine the
    vehicle's optimum driving efficiency.

  • Increase Gas Mileage - Drivers
    goal is to achieve the highest
    Score possible to optimize driving  
    performance and increase vehicle
    gas mileage.
odb2 fuel saving device
odb2 fuel saving device
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