• Score - The score represents the efficiency of your driving style. A score of 100 represents the most efficient condition and a score of 0
    represents wasteful driving conditions. The Kiwi score represents the sum average of 4 parameters, smoothness, drag, acceleration and
    deceleration. By maximizing your score, you will maximize your fuel efficiency.

  • Drive Green Mode - The Drive Green mode provides you with a series of 20 lessons designed to optimize your Kiwi score. Each lesson
    consists of a 3 minute drive where your goal is to keep your instantaneous and average bars above the red lines seen below. Lessons
    get increasingly more difficult as you progress. If your vehicle comes to a stop, the lesson pauses and resumes again once your vehicle is
    back in motion. By completing the lessons on a regular basis, you will be adequately equipped with the knowledge and training necessary
    to keep your Kiwi score at a high level.

  • Logs Mode - In Logs Mode you are able to review past trip data in the form of bar graphs.

  • MPG Mode - The MPG mode consists of 2 menus, a basic view and a detailed view. The basic view shows you your current
    instantaneous MPG and your trip MPG since you started your trip. In the detailed view, you will see your current MPG, trip MPG, distance
    traveled, gallons of gas used, dollars of gas saved and dollars of gas  used since you started your vehicle. Press the RIGHT and LEFT
    button to toggle between basic and advanced view.

  • Fun Mode - In the Fun Mode, the device becomes personal and customizable. As you drive, a series of animations appear. For example,
    the greener or more efficient you drive, the more the flower will bloom. Different animations can be uploaded to the Kiwi via the USB port.
    You can also make your own animation.

  • Engine Check Mode- Kiwi becomes a scan tool in this mode. If your vehicle has an engine check light illuminated, Kiwi can identify the
    cause of your engine trouble code and clear the light.

  • Sensor Mode - In the Sensors mode, Kiwi can view your basic engine parameters.
odb2 fuel saving device
odb2 fuel saving device
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